1-6-15 Our phone call with Our son began with me saying “I love you and I always will” before he even had a chance to speak.  That way I got to say it before he could hang up on me.  Garrett asked how is day was and how he was feeling.  “I hate it here, are you happy now that I am where they are strict?”  Garrett ignored the statement and asked what he was working on in therapy sessions.  Silence.  My turn, “Hey buddy what did you do today?”  Silence, then sobbing and crying, “Come get me mommy I need to be with you, I miss you, you need to let me come home now.”  My whole body revolts, I jump up and start pacing.  I know this is manipulation, but it feels SO good to hear, my heart rules in this moment and I have to give the phone back to Garrett.  He tells Damian that we are not in charge when he is in the hospital and only the doctor can decide when he is ready to go home.  The tears are gone now and Damian responds angrily, “No, you are in charge and you need to do something for me and get me now.”  Then before Garrett can say anything else, Yep, you guessed it- “Little Big Man” hung up.

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