With or without you

It has been 4 nights with no phone call from Damain.  It has been 9 days since I have seen him (he has refused to allow us visitation- yes as ridiculous as that sounds he is allowed to do that).

We are now caught in yet another “gap” of mental health care.  Damian is scheduled to be released from the crisis stabilization unit on Sunday (1-17-16), he will have exhausted his medicaid approved time limit.  However medicaid will not approve a residential treatment program until 1-26-2016.

Medicaid & Insurance Issues-Damian receives medicaid because he had a mental health diagnosis when he was adopted.  He also is on our private insurance, but we exhausted all of our benefits with them within the first month of his struggles.  Another little known fact is that even major brand private health insurance will not pay for residential treatment.  This is why you hear of parents having to realse their parental rights to the state to get their children help.  We are blessed that we have medicaid, yet it is a horrible program in many other respects.  It is a confusing, beaucratic system that seems to be built to fail.

Cue the hugely conflicting feelings…I am thrilled I will get to see my son and I am terrified to bring him home.


One thought on “With or without you

  1. Praying for your family Deb. I love you and all of your little ones. Please call if you need reinforcements. I’m sure Meredith would be willing to come over and help too.


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