How many

Our son is being discharged on Sunday.  They told him in therapy yesterday he was coming home.  So last night he called us.  A full happy voice greeted us on the phone.  He was animated and talking at whirlwind speed.

“I did it mommy and now I am coming home.  This was my best day ever I talked to everyone,I am perfect now and I am the best one here and did you know that it is a beautiful day.  I am going to play  a trumpet at school and I will be going back to my old school in a regular education room and then I am going to get a job mowing lawns and I can use the money to buy an electric scooter.  Did you buy me some of that peach yogurt, you need to.  If you bought me a peach tree I could make my own yogurt.  Hey did you clean my room, I need a clean room so I will have a fresh start. Also mommy you need to put any glass, pens, pencils, and any thing sharp away then I won’t be tempted. Did you do that yet?  I am going to be baking brownies to calm me so you need to get that stuff. Okay mommy?  Well I am going to go now cause I have to tell everyone I am leaving again.  Bye.

Welcome to the other side of the BiPolar swing.  This is the HIGH, the manic,the unrealistic, rambling, uncohesive thought pattern he is experiencing now.   And he is coming home tomorrow.  Frozen with fear I hang up the phone.   God please give us strength and the courage to make it through this.

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