Our son walked in the door and acted like he had never been gone.  We sent the other kiddos downstairs and went over the rules. Same rules we have had every day since he was 6 years old.  Food, love, attention, shelter, kindness, forgiveness, and second chances are rights.  Treats, iPads, computers, and independence are priveledges.  He nods and responds in agreement to each explanation.  We set him up in the library with Noah to play cards.  Less than 5 minutes later he bounces into the kitchen where I am making dinner and says…”where is my IPad!  (You may earn your iPad after dinner by feeding the dogs). What?  I want it now ! (I ignore this statement).  Fine, whatever!  (He continues standing in the kitchen and I ask if he would like to help with dinner). Can I have ice cream?  (I ignore and he slumps to the floor kicking the cabinets).

Garrett’s turn.  Hey buddy we are going for a walk, get your shoes on.

Garrett walked with him until it was dark and his night time medicine had started its magic.  He ate dinner silently and thankfully fell asleep to spongebob.  I held him for a long time as he slept.  I cried, prayed and asked the universe to make this stop. Then I allowed myself some time to pretend that this wasn’t happening and that we were just fine.  Denial can be a powerful drug and I was happy to partake.

One night done.

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