Don’t rock the boat

We are still waiting for an available bed at a residential treatment facility in Georgia.

Right now we are facing each day with Our son one minute at a time.  He has reverted to all of his low level behaviors of stealing, lying, and hoarding food.  The aggression has reared its head only a few times but he is heavily medicated and he was quickly isolated and calmed.

Denial and good moments seek to undermine our resolve.  Other times we are firm in our conviction that he can’t go on like this.  Medicated into an almost zombie like state he may be surviving but he is certainly not living.   There has to be more for him.  There has to be.


One thought on “Don’t rock the boat

  1. There is Deb. I promise. It took me three years to find what worked. You’re doing great. I’m so honored to call you my friend.


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