Stasis: the science fiction suspension of time

Damian is doing well at his new school “the bridge” a Gwinnett county public school for children with severe emotional disturbance.  His classroom is with 5 children and 3 teachers.  Unfortunately due to the side effects of his current level of medications he Is falling asleep an average of 3-4 hours of his 6.5 hour school day.  He is currently taking Lithium, clonidine, latuda, haldol, kapvay, and 2 medications to counter the side effects of the Lithium and Haldol.  We have applied to an Emory University study for the use of intranasal Ketamine.  The study is founded by the Pediatric BiPolar Foundation and there have been some positive results from studies.  The wait to get into the study if approved will be 6-12 months.

We have not seen any aggressive behaviors in the past few days.  However his defiant behavior and suicidal talk have been unfortunately consistent.  We are still waiting on Residential Treatment space and we are still praying.

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