Sometimes, I can’t even

This afternoon and evening I could not muster even a little sympathy for my little man.  Not a smudge, not an speck, nothing, nope, nada.  He met me at the door wailing “my life is so hard”-in response to my asking him if he could carry 1 of my bags.  Usually his comments just roll off my back.  This one sticks.  Hard, hard, are you kidding me .  Not 1 minute in the door and I am already calling Garrett “your turn”, I yell.  I’d love to report that I got it together and so did he.  But that is not what happened.  Seeing that he got an immediate emotional reaction from me he kept at it all evening. I took the bait several times and he loved the control he had.  Finally I took a moment and went outside to curse and yell at the universe.  When I came back in I responded to every single baiting comment with a positive retort. Blessings of blessings by 8:00 he said, “I hate you” and I responded “I love you”.  “Fine then”, he said and it was over.   I finally fell back to what my mom had taught me, “Sometimes you won’t like someone you love.  When that happens, just pretend you do and eventually the pretending will become real.”  Tonight ladies and gentlemen, I was a great pretender!

One thought on “Sometimes, I can’t even

  1. Deb,
    Reading these posts are truly inspirational. I love that quote your mom used to say and will keep it with me in teaching and someday when I’m a parent!

    Thank you so much for all you do with all your children, especially Mr. D. You’re truly one of a kind!


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