He said…


So if you know Damian you know that cursing is one of his favorite things to do to trigger an emotional reaction from someone.  Apparently at school today the clinical psychologist on staff left us this message…”Hello Mr. And Mrs. Cronnelly.  I am sorry to have to call you under these circumstances.  Damian is in the behavior recovery room and has been cursing for 40 minutes straight.  At one point he was singing curse words.  Usually we have to record all the unique curse words and omit  any repeated curse words.  However I honestly had to stop writing after the first 15 minutes. Your son has  an extremely vast curse vocabulary.  I will send home the report via mail as it would set off email security guidelines.”  This was a man who thought he had heard it all, guess not 🙂   Sometimes you’ve got to laugh even when it’s not funny.

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