1st manic cycle since January 16th

January 16th was Damain’s last manic cycle, it lasted for 5 days.  Today was his first manic cycle since then.  The hospital called Garrett today to tell him that Damian was talking non-stop about things that made no sense and had no context.  He packed his bags and told them he was “cured” and going home.  He attempted to escape the hospital 3 times.  His phone call tonight was crushing.

“Hey mommy, why didn’t you come get me today?  I am “cured” now and you didn’t come get me.  You need to come pick me up now.  The doctors just don’t understand that I am fine now.  You need to tell them I am fine.  Mommy, are you listening?”

I tell him I love him, but I am not in charge of those decisions when he is in the hospital.  I ask him if he notices that his mood has changed so quickly.

“Well because the rain is here it made me think of some sad things,.  Then today I had an apple at lunch and it was good.  So I am happy now.  Hey mommy, are you coming to get me now?”

He is in there somewhere, but not where I can find him today.

2 thoughts on “1st manic cycle since January 16th

  1. i know those kind of days.rips your heart out and makes you want to bang on the door and bust him out , but you know he is best where he is at so you just go numb.i love you and your amazing.he is there and he knows he is loved by his family and his mommy and daddy.


  2. He is in there. I can promise you that. I realize that my experience has been different. But
    Please call me. 678-427-6288


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