Another Family Therapy Session

We tried so hard to try to find an interim placement for Damian until his residential treatment bed at Hillside is available, no luck. He will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow late afternoon.  We are a still 5-6 days away from a possible opening at Hillside.

Garrett did Damain’s required exit family meeting today and it was the same stuff.  Damian saying he will take deep breaths, read a book, or talk to someone if he is feeling angry or suicidal.  His “new” breakthrough idea is he wants to play the violin.  When Garrett reminded him that he destroyed $200 dollars of Christmas presents,  Damain’s response was that he did that because the presents were crap and we don’t ever get him anything he wants.  Obviously the rest of the session went downhill from there.  But he is not going to kill himself or us, so the doctors say he is ready to go home.

Continued prayers and good thoughts into the universe needed so we can get him safely through the next week!


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