This weekend we are explaining to the children where Damian is and why he will be staying there so long.

Some of their questions…

  1. Was Damian’s brain broken?
  2. Why doesn’t he want to stay with us?
  3. Why can’t we just take care of him?
  4. Isn’t there some medicine to fix his brain?
  5. Why is he so mad?
  6. What can I do for him?
  7. When can we see him?
  8. How long will he be there?
  9. Will he always be like this?
  10. Did he want a different family than us?
  11. Is it okay that I am mad at him?
  12. Is he lonely there?
  13. Does he miss us?
  14. If I get mad do I have to go to the hospital?
  15. Why do we have to go to therapy because of Damian?
  16. Can we have the scissors back in the art room since Damian is not here?
  17. Why does he try to hurt himself?
  18. Can we fix the holes in the wall now?
  19. Does he have toys there?
  20. Who hugs him goodnight?
  21. Can we have people over to the house now?
  22. What does he eat there?
  23. When he comes back will he be nice?
  24. Is he still my brother?
  25. If someone else is taking care of him, are they his new family now?
  26. Does he have friends there?
  27. How are they going to fix him?
  28. Will the therapist keep coming to our house?
  29. Sometimes I wished for him to go away did my wish make that happen?
  30. Can I write a letter to the doctors so they will help him?
  31. Does he need an operation on his brain?
  32. Can I draw him a picture or will he just rip it up?
  33. Is that why you are so sad mommy?
  34. I have fits sometimes is my brain broken then?
  35. Can Damian has some of my medicine, cause it helps me?
  36. Will my brain get broken like Damian’s?
  37. How did Damian’s brain get broken?
  38. Is this like when Grandma Laura’s body was broken?  Is he going to die?
  39. Did Grandma Laura want to die, like Damian does?
  40. Why are some people’s brains broken and not the rest of the people?
  41. Will the leprechauns visit him there?
  42. Does he go to school?
  43. How long is a long time?
  44. Can we go outside now?




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