Damian is learning that he must communicate with us.  The first major rule he has encountered at Hillside is that when you are spoken to, you must answer.  This seems like a tiny step but for Damian it is a huge hurdle.  Communication is a controlling technique for him.  It has been exasperated by 5 months of hospitals which allowed him to; refuse visitation, control when and if he called us, and let him hang up are end communication whenever he wanted to.

New rules; you will call your parents once a day, you will speak to them on speaker phone so the staff can ensure you are being respectful, you will not curse, you will not hang up, the call lasts 10 minutes.  If you choose not to follow one of these rules you will have a 30 minute dialectic behavior therapy session and then try the phone call again. Today Damian went through 4 therapy sessions and finally on the fifth phone call was able to speak with us for 10 minutes successfully.

We have a long way to travel, but atleast we have a map now.

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