Damian has entered the honeymoon phase of his stay at Hillside.  The last two days he has been quiet and compliant.  I wish it would last, but unfortunately we are about to embark on cruel but necessary journey of taking him off all of his medications one by one.  We haven’t done this since 2013, when Damian was at Peachford hospital.

We will be completing the gene sight testing to measure his current medications’ metabolism rates.  Then starting next Wednesday the withdrawal of medications begins.  We met with his psychiatrist at Hillside today and we all decided that the Lithium will be the first medication to go.  Lithium is his “base” medication that all the others work with.  It is the most destructive medication he is on and he has been on it for 3 years.  If he has to continue taking it at the dosage level he is on, adjusted to his rate of growth, in 10 years he will have a 75% chance of kidney failure and a 90% chance of having his thyroid fail (he would only be 22 years old).

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