Dialectic Behavior Therapy-The Wise Mind

Damian worked on DBT-Wise Mind training today.

This teaches that a “Wise Mind” looks out for itself.  It remembers what worked and what didn’t.  It remembers that to survive it must learn to make “Wise Mind” choices.  Example:   If a “Wise Mind” saw someone jump off a chair and hurt themselves.  Then your “Wise Mind” would choose NOT to jump off the chair and hurt itself.  EVEN if your impulse tells you to do what the other guy did.

Your “Wise Mind” is constantly battling your “Impulses”.  They are mortal enemies.  Foes for life and the battle will never end!

Sounds pretty epic right, these people at  Hillside know the heart of a 12 year old boy and they are willing to get into his psyche by whatever means necessary!!

So suit up, we have officially entered Level one of DBT training.

We have our first family/counselor meeting tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, and in typical Deb fashion, we now own every recently published DBT training manual, advice story, skill guide, activity, diary, and daily planner!  Thanks to amazon.com and 2 day shipping :).  I am happy to loan them out, just let me know.


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