After I finished my pity party for one, I made Damian a photo book.  I filled it with pictures of him with the family for the past 5 years.  Birthdays, holidays, family parties, reading, games, and everyday pics.  I am going to make it impossible for him to forget us :).  I spoke with his psychologist and he is going to be required to write about what was happening in one photo every day.  He will also be reading a letter or card (that you all have sent) each day in his individual therapy session.

I  am sure it is easier for him to not to deal with the emotions of missing us.  But we are not going to let him do that.

Like the who’s down in whoville we are going to yell and shout until Horton hears us. “We are here, we are here, we are here!”

2 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Can we mail him cards directly yet? I know visits are on hold but when you mentioned he could read cards…
    If cards can be sent to you to be sent on, post a note please on what to do. Thank you.


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