Today we were to start explaining the “intolerables” of our house.  These are not rules they are unacceptable, no compromise, no second chance offenses.

They will be…

no self harm or threat of self harm

no physical aggression

no eloping (leaving the house without permission)

We started tonight with the no eloping.  He immediately started arguing with us.  I informed him that eloping was an intolerable and it was not open for discussion.  He told us that he was going to be at Hillside forever.

With every fiber of my being I wanted to scream, “FINE”!

But instead I took a deep breath and said, “If that is your choice today, I feel sad for you.  You have family and friends who love you and want to take care of you. Goodnight Damian, I love you, I will talk with you tomorrow.”



2 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. i understand .some days armani makes me feel like pulling out my have gotten thru a couple bad habits but the sneaking out is one im still fighting .since he is 17 the police have informed me because he isnt breaking laws or it hasnt been 24 hours they can not help me in locating him when he walks i have to grab my kids and we walk looking for him with my heart in my throat because where we live is a bad area.hes so friendly he may talk to the wrong ppl like a dealer or gang member and god only knows….he has cut down doing it now that hes older but when it happens my world spins and im sad and angry and some days im just tired physically n mentally.some days i feel like im trying to move a brick wall to the other side of the world and im pushing helpless agianst something that cant be moved.i should record some statements cuz i say them so much i spit them out like a parrot of some sort lol.its far and few now but i feel like every time is my fault maybe i said something or maybe something i did or didnt do triggered not really sure.i stare at the therapist like hes lost too because hes never lived with this type child all his life.the meds have helped a lot.but every now n then here is the old armani


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