Off campus pass

Today we took Damian off campus for the first time in 4 weeks.  First we had a family therapy session.  then we went to IHOP and then to Piedmont park.

Damian is working on the DBT concept of “radical acceptance”.  That essentially means complying with anything asked of him without question or thought.  He is also working on “opposite action” which means he does the opposite of what he wants to do.  These are hard skills for an adult to practice let alone a 12 year old.

We are planning on taking him on his first “home pass” this weekend.  I am terrified and both Garrett and I are going to therapy on Thursday to prepare ourselves.  We still struggle with wanting to hope but guarding our hearts.  That is the trickiest part of all, because parenting is about complete and total acceptance that love will conquer all.

As we were leaving Piedmont park a little hand slipped into mine and for several blissful moments love came easily without complication or doubt.

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