The cycle

Damian has had 2 self harm episodes in the last 10 days at Hillside. Medicaid wants to discharge him and I am losing touch with my ability to see him back at home.  Garrett and I rarely talk about anything else but Damian.  We rarely talk to anyone outside of Damian’s teachers, his psychologist, his psychiatrist, his group leader, his family counselor, or his team coordinator.  There is no time left in the day for much else.  He consumes our hearts, requires our time, dictates and directs our emotions, strains our sanity, and continuously keeps our minds searching for balance.  When he was at home we had at least some moments of joy, calm, or peace to cling to.  Right now those moments are not for us and we are left with nothing but struggle.

2 thoughts on “The cycle

  1. All medicaid needs to show is improvement. When he was admitted to hillside he was actively attempting self harm daily, now it is down to 1 a week. Apparently that is enough improvement for them. We have submitted for the paperwork to be qualified for the respite and other services when he does come home-and you guessed it we are on the “waiting list”. As for other centers, it is not hillside discharging him it is Medicaid.


  2. If medicaid does discharge don’t the need proof of improvement before release? Are the other alternatives? I know you mention go could get home respite care now but maybe a different center?


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