Today we gathered with family and friends to celebrate Maya’s 16th birthday.  It was a beautiful day filled with love and laughter. My heart and mind both overflowing with thankfulness and blessings.  But the whole day I missed him. I felt the excruciating pain of his absence as I smiled and held the other blessings in my life.  With every fiber of my being I wanted to leave. I wanted to go and get my son.

2 thoughts on “Missing

  1. Deb, we enjoyed the afternoon and I was glad to see Maya have a nice party. But I felt a piece missing, too. I am sorry that the struggle continues. I continue to think about you and D and pray every day for your strength to keep carrying on in the fight for your son, my brother.


  2. i admire your strength .i pray for your big heart.i rejoice that he has such a amazing set of parents and a family full of love.you count your blessings while so many are counting you as their blessing.your the best mother i have ever known in my life and i strive to make changes to myself to be half the mother you are.i love you


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