CAFAS : The Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale.  Assesses the degree of impairment in youth with emotional, behavioral, psychiatric, or substance use problems.

CANS :The Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) is a multi-purpose tool developed for children’s services to support decision making, including level of care and service planning.

CBAY: Community Based Alternatives for Youth

PRTF: Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

CMS: Center for Medicaid Services

SED: Serious Emotional Disturbance

SEBD: Serious Emotional and Behavioral Disturbance

MDS: Minimum Data Set

TPA: Third Party Administrator

CAFAS: Child and Adolescent Functioning Assessment Scale

WFI: Wraparound Fidelity Index

CFT: Child and Family Team

CME: Care Managment Entity

DBT: Dialetic Behavior Therapy

PRR: Physical Restraint Required

SHI: Self Harm Incident

IFI: Intensive Family Intervention

IB:  An “intolerable” behavior

FSA: Family Stabilty Assessment

IPH: Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital

CSU: Crisis Stabilizarion Unit





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