The Good News tends to be followed by frustration

As with most things, when parenting a child with mental illness, the good news is often followed by frustration.

Good News- Damian will be discharged on May 29, 2016 from Hilside PRTF!!!!!!!

More Good News- He has qualified for CBAY services (Community Based Alternatives for Youth) which will provide us with a case manager and team to help us find resources for Damian to be successful at home.  They will also provide funding for once a month respite services-Yeah date night!!!!

Frustration immediately followed– we have a team but no resources.  What good is a team of people if there are no resources out there to find or utilize??  here is an email we sent to our CBAY case manager after she sent us a huge list of special needs summer camps.

Dear Ms Jackson,
We went through the list you sent us and contacted all on the list (30+ phone calls). None except Atlanta circus camp was willing to accept a child with a primary diagnosis of Bipolar/ Emotional Behavioral Disorder. Many stated they serve behavioral needs but only when they are a secondary diagnosis to a developmental or intellectual disability such as autism, brain injury, or moderate to severe intellectual impairment.
The circus camp is located in Atlanta and at 1 1/2 hours each way, that is just time prohibitive.
Please let me know if you find any other resources we could try.
Thank you for helping our family!

Atlanta has camps for children who have…, asthma, sickle cell anemia, food allergies, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, parents in the military, intellectual disabilities, cancer, alopecia, immune disorders, parents who are incarcerated, foster kids, siblings with special needs, every kind of syndrome (23 different camps), amputees, hearing loss, blindness, mobility issues, brain injuries, heart problems, sensory issues, anorexia/bulimia, phobias, skin disorders, grieving, substance abuse, and divorce.

Where in the hell is my son’s camp????  So done with the world right now, good feelings gone.


5 thoughts on “The Good News tends to be followed by frustration

  1. Nope the adoption thing doesn’t work, for foster care eligibility he has to have been adopted from state foster care, his was a private adoption. We can’t use the learning disabilities angle because all of his itelligence and academic is average to above average. 😕


  2. Could you mention just founding out D suffered a head injury when younger that you weren’t aware of which caused his mental problems?


  3. maybe he can fall under the foster care support because he is adopted which is in a word play permenant foster care..there has to be a way to word twist this into working.lord knows dealing with armanis schizoaffective disorder we have listed it second to having learning disabilities thru the school systems iep reports.if theres anyway i can help or you just need someone to talk to who has had to work and twist the systems rules please call me.607-757-2771.i love you guys and stay strong


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