Say something, I’m giving up on you

Damian was placed at Rivers Edge Crisis Stabilization Unit in Macon, GA.  He was there once before from 1/5/16-1/12/16.

He is refusing to talk with us again.  Yep, the insanity of a 12 year old boy getting to decide these things is happening again.

Tonight I argued with the poor woman on the phone for about 20 minutes that it is not appropriate for a child to be given such decision making power.  She finally agreed to give him a message for me.

I know what she was expecting me to say.  I know as a mother what I should have said.  I know what my heart wanted to say.

But those words did not come.  Instead I said, “Tell him if he does not get on the phone I am not coming to get him.  Tell him I have been trying so hard for so long and that I need him try or I’m going to give up.”

A woman I don’t know who is taking care of my son tells me, “Mrs. Cronnelly, Damian says he has no mother and will not come to the phone.”

One thought on “Say something, I’m giving up on you

  1. my heart aches for you.i wish i could say something encoureging .but ive been there with my hands over crying eyes feeling like theres no air in my world unable to breath or remember how armani the time he turned 13 he was 285 lbs and 6’1here i am at 5’2 and alone no support system and the medical field people made feel like i couldnt mother him in away that i could discipline him for his bad actions that i was wrong for not putting up with the pushes the shoves the cursing me out the holes in the wall that i should just hug him….i found a mental health counsler who got what i was saying .changed my life
    if you need to talk or if there is ANYTHING i can do please let me here in the background with a shoulder to cry on or cuss n scream or just words that your amazing.i cant do much but those things i can if you want.i love you


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