I want to

I want to…I can’t

Today they had a team meeting. Today they talked about our son.  Today they talked about our family.  Today they analyzed data, charts, and observations.  Today they made presumptions, assumptions, statements, and medical opinions.  Today they checked off lists.  Today they issued the same medical plan we have been given before and before and before.

Today they said we should just call DFACS and enter into a surrender of parental rights so the state can care for him,which would carry a neglect charge for us.

Today part of me wants to…Today I shouldn’t have to…Today the state will not offer my son care at the expensive of losing his family…Today I can’t…Today I won’t!

But what about tomorrow?  How long can I keep fighting this system?

2 thoughts on “I want to

  1. working the system is harder than a rubics cube while upside down..they have so much to say but are always saying their hands are tied its just how the system is…no help


  2. I will never understand “the system”. How are they helping anyone when they refuse communication, threaten “neglect” with their recommendation for care? Parents are caring about individual treatment for their individual, unique to God child and the system thinks they can treat that child as a “group”. In the end, God’s answer and will prevail and he protects your family and Damian throughout this ordeal. Love and prayers always.


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