White knight

As we grew up into adults we learned that a series of lies weaved a web around our beliefs as children.  A huge chunk of our lives is spent believing in the unbelievable.  We learn that Superman, Santa, tooth fairies, Spider-man, and white knights do not exist.

When faced with these truths I find that adults fall into 2 categories.  The first group accepts these hard realities with the same fervor that they once accepted the illusions and never question again.

The second group accept the new truths as versions of the fairy lies.  They still maintain some hidden magic in their hearts that make them search out real life versions of childhood fantasies.

I have always been in the 2nd group refusing to believe that reality does not maintain some room for the magical.

Today our superman flew into our lives.  As patiently as Father Christmas listening to a wish list, he answered our questions.  As quickly as Jack Frost he froze our deepest fears.  As devious as the Easter Bunny he has found those hiding answers we so desperately needed.

As we run the confusing gauntlet of services, therapies, data, and paperwork we now have a knight in shining armor.  We have been trying to connect with him for several months and today when we needed help more than ever he came riding in on his white horse.

It definitely won’t be easy but we have help.

Yep I’m glad I belong to the 2nd group of adults that deeply believe that all of our childhood magic lives on and were based upon not fantasy but real life people.

One thought on “White knight

  1. im soooooo happy for you.i sighed a sigh of relieve for you.and by the way you and garrett are waaaay in the 2nd group your not just in it you guys are the presidents lol lol loove you and im beyond excited for you .


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