Let them eat cake

Garrett picked Damian up from River Edge Crisis Stabilization Unit on Saturday afternoon.  It is located in the lower end of Macon and with weekend traffic it was a 6 hour round trip.

Damian was/is not remorseful, contrite, or apologetic.  He walked in the door and immediately demanded that we go out and get him a chocolate cake with Spider-Man on it. (His birthday was Sunday).  You could have heard a pin drop in the house.  I took a deep breath and opened my mouth, then….

Ella-“Is he really gonna get to pick out a cake?  I had to miss dance class cause Daddy was getting Damian and you had to go get Emma from her friend’s house.”

Noah-“Well it is his birthday but I don’t feel like celebrating, it shouldn’t be a celebration when he gets home from the hospital.”  Turning to Damian, “we called you and left messages, I left you a message and you wouldn’t talk to us for like a whole week.”

Garrett- “okay we need to remember that Damian loves us and he has been struggling.”

Maya-“I love Damian but I am tired of having to pretend like what he says and does , doesn’t make me angry.  And, like I am angry.  He just does and says whatever he wants all the time.  He pretends to be all sweet and nice like when people are here but then is horrible to us.  So like I know he can be nice.”

Me-“Remember  how we talked about understanding a situation and what to say or not to say in a situation?  Remember how our counselor taught us that Damian is working on that?”

Jaia- looking at Damian, “I don’t think you’re working on that. I think you think it’s too much work so you just don’t.”

Damian-” I wrote you sorry letters.  and…”

Noah-” yeah I have 13 sorry letters in my room from you.”

Me- “Enough!  We are all feeling really upset right now and we will all get to share our feelings, but right now we are going to separate and cool off.  So everyone grab a book and find a place to read.”

Several protests and whining later.

Garrett-  “Momm said now!”

As everyone starts to walk away…

Damian- “While they read we are going to get my cake, right?”

I literally had to drag everyone yelling and hollering downstairs.

Not a good start.

2 thoughts on “Let them eat cake

  1. Prayers, my friend. That’s all I got for ya today. That was a hard post to read. Glad he is home, but prayers for all who are feeling the stress of having a struggling family member.


  2. so sorry hun.i was so happy in the first few sentences where you guys pixked him up.power plays and struggles are something i know to well and the other kids feeling the same.it will get better .i pray every day .i mean a few times a day .whatever im doing i stop and just say a quick prayer.i love you guys


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