Barbed Wire

There is not much to update about Damian, we spoke to him on the phone today and he was obviously in a manic episode.  The world was perfect and wonderful with ice cream for dessert.  His voice happy and filled with praise for the day and everyone in it.  He spoke of the clouds in the sky and the rain dripping from the window.  He  told us about how he has decided to become a doctor and live in Florida.  He told us he loved us and that he would call us again soon.

Today being an hour away with adults who have known him for only 3 days he is happy and content.  Laying in his prison like room on a metal bed that is bolted to the floor in a building that is surrounded by a tall barbed wire fence, he is happy.  That my friends is what our family is dealing with.  It is a moment that has caused my hope to forever be lessened.

This is the link to Devereux Psychiatric Residential Treatment where Damian is staying.

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