Last Tuesday and Wednesday Damian ended his “honeymoon” phase at Devereux exactly at his two week mark.  Threatening staff, kicking doors, punching walls, and verbally threatening peers.  He lost his green level 2 and dropped back to yellow level 1.  We went to visit with him on Thursday and he started in with the lies ” I am doing great and have %100 on my behaviors.”  When we asked him to use his DBT skill of “state the facts” and that we knew his behaviors from his therapist, he refused to speak.  Then he got up and walked back to his “dorm” refusing to look at us pounding on the door for the staff to let him back in.  The staff tried to calm him down, but he started spitting and kicking so he had to be restrained and brought to the “reflection” room.

We have family therapy coming up on Monday.

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