what not to say

Damian’s CBAY coordinator actually said these words to me, “How have you been doing Mrs. Cronnelly?  It must be nice to atleast get a break (from Damian).”

First, no she was not on drugs at the time.  Second, this is a woman who works with mentally ill children and their families everyday.  Third, she presents as a generally knowledgeable human being who has a masters degree in Social Work.  Fourth, she was not drunk.

I am not a politically correct guru, I do not fuss about labels or words spoken in good faith.  But this comment sent me over the edge (albeit not hard to do lately).

I responded….”If Damian had Cerbral Palsy and I had to care for him 24/7, then he had to go to the hospital for an operation.  Would you say to me, “I know this is hard, but atleast you get a break?”

She responded with a quick, “Well of course not, but…”

I interrupted the rest of her sentence…”Then why you would even think to tell me “atleast I get a break” is outrageous, hypocritical, and completely unacceptable.  Never, ever say that sentence to another parent again, do you understand me?”



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