Just when you settle into “this is the worst case scenario”, life let’s you know it’s not.

Damian is intermittently refusing medication (an average of 2-3 times a week).  If you read some of my first posts, you know that his medication levels must  be maintained at specific levels.

Yep, refusing to take the only thing helping him cling to life.  We now are faced with having to get a court order which would allow Devereux to force him to take his medication in injection form.

Apparently at 13 years of age in Georgia you can refuse medication.  He could be forced,  if not taking his medication would cause him to die of a curable disease.  But since not taking his medication could cause him to commit suicide does not fall under those parameters of “curable” disease, he can refuse medication.

I think I am losing the battle, the war, and his life.  Strike that, I know I am losing.

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