The cycle resumes

imageSadly “Little Big Man’s” Bipolar cycled back to a “depressive” state on Friday.  He began suicide attempts and self injury late Friday afternoon, he is back on “suicide watch” and has had 3 suicide attempts and 5 self-injury incidents since then.  All visits are on hold again.  We will still be able to skype with him during his therapy sessions.

As short as our respite was it was still so important.  In that week we were able to sleep soundly and let hope fill us again.  So many people continue to pray and offer our family love and support that it humbles us every day.

Our Go Fund Me campaign has been such a blessing and a source of purpose for the whole family.  This afternoon several of the kiddos and I surrounded the computer and searched for therapeutic books.  It was a great avenue for discussion and helped them see that many other people struggle with mental illness.  Please continue to share our  campaign!  Click the link below!

Go Fund Me- Help fill their minds with positive!

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