What the ****

When I opened my email late this afternoon this is the ducking insane email I received…

Hello Mr and Mrs Cronnelly,
I received feedback from our UR department earlier today regarding Your son’s insurance. At this point, the insurance company has authorized Damian to remain with us until Sunday 11/6 at the latest, so we need you to pick him up this weekend. I am happy to assist with submitting a referral to either CBAY services or wrap around services, I typically refer to Viewpoint for wrap around.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions,

Julia Thomann, LMSW,CJSOT             Devereux

Any additional questions … what the… what ensued next was…13 frantic phone calls,some penance inducing  cursing, screaming at the universe out of my car window while speeding down the highway at an unsafe and illegal rate of speed, begging and pleading that would rival a death row inmate on his final hour, an inordinate amount of threatening even by my insane mama bear standards, some more sobbing and hyperventilating, some more screaming, 5 more phone calls with a million questions asked and no answers given, a stop at a gas station for anything with caffeine followed by a clerk who said “Hi, how are – never mind I won’t ask that”, continue the crying festival, commence the cursing again, sudden silence followed by intense mind numbing terror and helplessness which triggers vomiting on the side of the road, back in the car chugging down caffeine with the fervor of a an addict, chew and swallow 4 Tylenol,  back on the road, answer phone call -hang up on person telling me “these things happen Mrs. Cronnelly”, make 2 more phone calls to people who work with broken children but have happy noodle salad eating by the lake families of their own-that this is not inconvenient (as I was told twice) it is untenable, unsafe, and unacceptable.

I know nothing more.

One thought on “What the ****

  1. I really don’t know exactly what to say right now, but hope that these people will work with you a whole lot better than what they’re doing now, I’ll be praying for you and Garrett with all my heart that something changes for the better for not only you but Damian as well, much love for you and the family.


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