Two sides

Me on a conference call with Devereux and Medicaid this afternoon, “If you don’t help us I will call every single one of your community donors personally.  Then I will show up to each donor with my beautiful family and record us singing the “Why won’t you help our brother song”. Then I will submit said videos to every single news channel, every single day until one of them gives in and airs it.  That would make some great T.V., paired with the video of Damian throwing himself to the ground and rolling into the street while we direct cars around him.  The video I took today, 1 day after he was discharged with no community services in place.”   Silence….”Great we will be there in an hour.” “Little Big Man” is back at Devereux with a one week approval so we can get community services in place.  I’m done, for today.  The endless phone calls begin anew tomorrow.

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