And we go on

“Little Big Man” came home from Willowbrook Hospital on Dec. 26th late at night.  He only made it 3 days, he was back to the ER this afternoon.  We are waiting to see which psychiatric hospital will take him.

His referral to PRTF has been accepted but we are waiting for an available space at Youth Villages – Inner Harbor in Douglasville, GA.

We had an acceptance to Laurel Heights PRTF in Atlanta, but then I found this…(see link below).  I did call them and asked them about these incidents their  answer was “we are complying with all state and county investigations.”  When I asked what changes had been made to address supervision and restraint violations, they said- “we are currently assessing what changes need to be made”.  So in other words no changes have been made yet.  I informed them that this was not a sufficient answer to a parent deciding whether to entrust their child to them. So that is a no to Laurel Heights.

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