All pain is relative.

Measuring emotional pain and quantifying its effects, I do that a lot lately.

Unlike physical pain which we have been taught to measure on a universal scale of 1-10, emotional pain tends to be judged against past pain experiences.  Example: losing your job would be rated against having your mom die.  If you were really close to your mom, then that emotional pain becomes the primary comparison for all other emotional pain.  I often console myself with the statement, “well, it’s not as bad as…”.

But what happens when the emotional pain continues to escalate on a daily basis, when it compounds itself several times a day, when it becomes a minute to minute tight rope act of balancing daily unquantifiable emotional pain.  Numbness begins to set in, normalization of previously unimaginable mental anguish becomes common place.  A little piece of you closes off, leaving you a completely different person than you were just hours ago.

“Little Big Man” continues his stay at Willowbrook Hospital.  He has again accused us of abuse and neglect.  He broke his glasses and refuses to meet with or call us.

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