Problem! Solution?

  • img_0164Problem:  “Little Big Man” leaves the PRTF and comes home. He can’t handle the transition and cycles through several hospitalizations before ending up back at PRTF.  PRTF is like prison and home is like a well run daycare.  He needs to be able to step-down from the prison setting before he comes home.  This would be basic residential care in a group home setting.  But we can’t get that because in Georgia there is no funding from the Department of Behavariol Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) for residential care services only community based services.

I think about him every single minute of the day.

I make phone calls that run through transfers and voice mails, repeating his story almost by verbatim now.

I have trained my voice to remain at a calm/urgent/desperate tone.

I have learned that “no” just means I have another phone call to make.

I have learned that each person I talk to expects me to “act” a certain way.  I am still working on figuring out what “that way” means to each new person I try to reach out to.

I have discovered that we are not alone and have heard many heart wrenching stories of others who have had to give up custody to DCFS to gain residential treatment for their child.

Still fighting but morale is low and supplies are limited.  I may lose this battle.

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