I am sorry it has been awhile since I have posted news of “Little Big Man”.  We have been desperately trying to find a residential care (group home) setting for him to go to when he is released from his current PRTF placement at Inner Harbor.

He is still refusing to speak to or visit with us.  Our weekly family therapy sessions consist of his therapist and us talking and “Little Big Man” refusing to respond or saying “I don’t know”.

He has been at Inner Harbor for 3 weeks now and has not had any aggressive behavior or suicide attempts.  While this sounds like good news, it is not.  It just means what we have been trying to come to terms with.  It means that “Little Big Man” continues to feel safer and more in control of himself when he is in a prison like setting.  The last year has been horrific, but the decisions we are facing now are beyond our worst nightmares.  If our son can’t live with us, what do we do next?

Georgia has no residential treatment homes for children in the custody of their parents with severe mental health disorders.  If he had autism or was addicted to drugs, or over 18 then we would have options.

I have emailed out our cry for help to 27 different state agencies, directors, program specialists, and child welfare advocates.  I have either been referred to people I have already spoken to or have received no return reply at all.

As the light at the tunnel fades I find myself doubting human decency a little more each day.

One thought on “Unanswered

  1. So sorry.i wish I had something smart or wise or something that would comfort you in your time of need.you guys are such amazing parents and my heart aches with frustration over what you two are battling.i love you


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