In fraternam meam

Sacrifice the few to save the many.

We do this as a people  everyday in our society, culture, communities, schools, hospitals, in times of need and want we prioritize lives.

On my knees everyday I have asked God and the universe to take this choice from me.  To move the forces that create these dilemmas.  To create an alternative.

“There is a runaway train racing down a track, there is a switch path ahead.  If the train continues on its course it will kill 5 people.  There is a lever on the train, if you pull that lever, the train will be diverted to another track that will kill 1 person.  Do you pull the lever?”


One thought on “In fraternam meam

  1. If these are the only facts you are given, then logic guides you to pull the lever. Unfortunately humans don’t work that way. The first thing I started to do after reading the blog was to try and decide what information I would need to justify making the choice. How old are the five people, are they convicted criminals cleaning the side of the road, maybe they volunteered to test a new high speed train and on and on. I did the same thought process over the one person too. No matter the outcome there is going to be pain and happiness. An important thing to remember is that you did not create this situation. You had no control in how the situation was created. What you are in control of is the actions you take before and after the lever decision. I know you have been making yourself sick thinking of ways to change or alter making the lever choice. You can’t change the sucky icky fact that a lever choice has to be made. The only thing you can do is try and put padding, longer rail tracks and other things in place to try and change the odds of the outcome.


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