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Not a smooth day 6 but nothing major.  Still seeing a lot of pushing boundaries, isolating and not interacting with siblings.  He has had several tantrums but has been able to come out of them without agression towards anyone today.  He did throw things around the room but not at anyone.


swing and a miss

It was a long day today. Which ended with b”Little Big Man” being pinned to the ground after he took a swing at Garrett.   “Little Big Man’s” violence has always been directed at me, his teachers, and sometimes his siblings but never Garrett.  It crushed what tiny hope Garrett had left and he is in torment tonight.  All doors in his mind wide open and in pain.  Today was another swing and a miss.

Day 4 damaged and done.



It is the end of day three and it has not been easy. He cut his hand with his pencil and made me a picture in his journal using his blood. Then triumphantly handed it to me smiling and waiting for my reaction. He walked out the front door and wandered out into the neighborhood when I thought he was in the bathroom. I watched him swallow his night meds then found them in his pocket.

Day 3 still not done as he is pacing in my bedroom at 10:00 at night.

End of the School Year!

It has been a long crazy year for the Cronnelly clan!

Today was the last day of school so Garrett made his annual hooray for summer oversized ice cream creation (huge Dairy Queen “dilly bar”).


Our oldest son Michael got married to the beautiful Dominque and we gained a new daughter :).


Noah graduated from middle school and is off to high school.

IMG_1924Jaia graduated 5th grade and is off to middle school.

IMG_1926So now we have three young adult children making their presence in the world known.  Two beautiful teens unfolding their wings in high school.  Two teens and one tween navigating the waters of middle school and two kiddos blissfully innocent in elementary school.

And best of all, “Little Big Man” is still home.  Day 2 home!


“Little Big Man” is home.  It was a rough evening because he was so anxious and trying to overcompensate and test old boundaries.  But we made it and my seven are back under one roof.  My heart is filled with hope.  Now to fight the daily battle of my mind trying to plan, organize, restructure and reteach.  One day, one day, one day is my new mantra:)

Coming home

“Little Big Man” is set to be discharged from Youth Villages on 5/23/2017.  We have services (IFI and C-BAY) set up and ready to go.  We are ready to try again.  I have dropped to my knees daily praying for resiliency and strength, I will need them.  As always we are so deeply grateful for all of your support, prayers, and thoughts.

We are going to work as a family to get to know Damian and reintroduce him to his siblings.  We are going to continue to offer love, space, encouragement, and patience.  The decision to stay is his and we can only hope he chooses to stay.  During this past year and nine months we have worked hard to convince him to stay.  Garrett and I are finally at peace with the fact that we cannot do that anymore.  It his choice and he will have to make that choice everyday.

We are hopeful  there will be no more pictures without him.

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