Coming home

“Little Big Man” is set to be discharged from Youth Villages on 5/23/2017.  We have services (IFI and C-BAY) set up and ready to go.  We are ready to try again.  I have dropped to my knees daily praying for resiliency and strength, I will need them.  As always we are so deeply grateful for all of your support, prayers, and thoughts.

We are going to work as a family to get to know Damian and reintroduce him to his siblings.  We are going to continue to offer love, space, encouragement, and patience.  The decision to stay is his and we can only hope he chooses to stay.  During this past year and nine months we have worked hard to convince him to stay.  Garrett and I are finally at peace with the fact that we cannot do that anymore.  It his choice and he will have to make that choice everyday.

We are hopeful  there will be no more pictures without him.

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One thought on “Coming home

  1. Big prayers continue to head your way. My heart has ached as I have followed your journey. Hope and pray that the light at end of tunnel gets brighter. (G’s aunt)

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