The thin line

Days 7 and 8 are done!!!   “Little Big Man” has an enormous team to help him stay home this time.  Ten different people work with him an average of 2 hours per day, every single day.  We could not be more grateful to them.

Unfortunately that means that money for summer camps for the rest of children had to be used.  But we are using my creative and crazy husband to make their summer amazing.  Today we used chalk and water to paint on the driveway, had a barbque, and a picnic in our tent in the living room.  Tomorrow I am in charge of a full scale day spa, complete with facials, manis and pedis 🙂

“Little Big Man” is already starting to unravel daily.  With at least 1-2 tantrums a day that require one of these lovely 10 people to talk him off the brink.  But so far we have managed to keep him from going nuclear.

“Little Big Man” had the fragile x testing done on Tuesday and the average wait for results is 2-3 weeks.  I posted before how awful and sick my thoughts are on this subject.  No one should ever wish for their child to have a genetic disorder, but I do.  Down on my knees praying that this is the answer to all of our whys.  The guilt of wishing for this is excruciating and untenable.  I pray for forgiveness and in the same breath  pray harder for the unthinkable.


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