Monthly Archives: July 2017

Day 54-double down

He has now beat his record for being at home times 2.  He is going to respite camp again, July 24-27 and it is such a welcome  break for him and us!

We are so proud of all the work he puts into his therapy every day.  He has been working to identify his triggers to anger and practicing how to self calm.

We are getting ready for the school transition in 2 weeks.  This will be a huge challenge for our little man.  He will face his peers again for the first time in 3 months.  He will also face teacher directives and many daily task demands.  All of these things are intense triggers to anger and suicidal threats.  Now that he has some confidence at home we are hoping it will transfer over to school.

He and his siblings are still struggling to form trust but only time and consistently will help that.

It has been a beautiful, exhausting, and extremely rewarding summer!


Day 44

I can’t believe that we made it through to day 44!  Our whole family has been challenged to begin anew each and every day.  No suicidal ideation, no aggressions. Completely and totally amazing.  Damian still struggles with oppositional behaviors and meltdowns but they so low level compared to before.

We owe Damian’s success to the amazing psychologist, case managers, family support personnel, behavior management specialist, behavioral aides, behavioral therapist and his new behavior mentor.  He is now receiving 2 hours of one on one assistance everyday 7 days a week between 4-6pm.

I will spare you the insane details of how I made that happen.  Suffice it to say I had to be a complete b****, which is not my way.  I didn’t like it and it was an extremely unpleasant 3 weeks.  But it’s over for the now and we are have been truly enjoying our time with our son .

Thank you to all of you for helping us not give up.  “When the road gets dark and you can no longer see.  Let my love through a spark and have a little faith in me.”   You have all been my spark and I have leaned into your faith so many times these past two years.  Thank you!