Ice cubes in milk

It’s midnight and the crisis team just left our house.  We managed to use emergency meds to help calm him down and fall asleep. .

Change is good if you don’t have a mental health disorder.  If you do, then change is a monumental, slaptastic, horrifying, nightmare inducing pain in the ass.  I started back to school this week.  He cannot cope with this change and has turned the family upside down again.

He has not slept since Tuesday night.  He stopped eating and now will only drink milk that has 3 ice cubes in it. Three ice cubes that he must thoroughly examine before placing them in the milk.

He has definitely begun a manic stage and we are going straight to the psychiatrist in the morning.

Prayers and good thoughts sent out into the universe needed please.

2 thoughts on “Ice cubes in milk

  1. The milk n ice cubes is just something he can control while he feels like his world is out of control not being able to stop changes.i been there with Armani he had to knock twice on something before someone could speak to him.i understand and my prayers are with will pass then when summer comes and you switch back he can see that just like the seasons need to change to help the trees people’s routine needs to change to help the family.i know your ready to pull your hair out but the brighter side is that he loves you so much he’s scared to lose you.Hell your awesome anybody would love to just keep you around 😍😍😍😍


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