Psychiatric Camp- Now open all year.

We are still searching for a PRTF placement for “Little Big Man”.
The hurricane Irma has made an difficult situation turn untenable there are no beds available in 2 of the 5 PRTFs because they are having to evacuate.
The only PRTF (Hillside) that had space available said that “His case is too acute for us to commit to his care.”

So Damian is “too acute” for Psychiatric residential treatment at Hillside.
But, he can come home from a Crisis Stabilization Unit. Apparently we are better equipped than a PRTF.

Garrett picked Damian up tonight out of a room with like 30 kids busy watching a projection screen movie. Damian’s got a bag of popcorn, a soda, and a huge cup of candy. He is covered in drawings with marker all over his arms and neck (flowers, rainbows, smiley faces, unicorns). He has been out of school with no classes for a week while at the CSU. He does not need to communicate with us and spends his days drawing or making art, and participating in group counseling “if he wants to”. His evenings are movies and popcorn and ice cream (if you don’t assault the staff).

My other kids meanwhile, have attended boring curriculum nights, gone to the dentist, had flu shots, gone to school, done daily chores and homework. Tonight they went for a bike ride, had apples for dessert, and read books before bed.

Hmmmm, wonder why he keeps going to the hospital.

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