Now what?

It has been a week and a day since Garrett drove our son to Coastal Harbor Psychiatric Residential Treatment.

We had our first family therapy meeting last Wednesday and it didn’t go well.

The therapist asked our son why he was at Coastal Harbor and he responded with “I didn’t make my phone calls when I was in the hospital.”

I managed to stay silent while screaming on the inside.

Therapist- “You don’t get to a level 6 treatment center for not making phone calls.  Why are you here?”    (Our therapist actually used more “colorful” words but I didn’t want to post them online 🙂 ).                  Son- “I don’t know.”                               Therapist- “Try again.”                       Son- “I didn’t listen.”                           Therapist-“Listen?  You know many many people have shared with me why you’re here.  Now we’re going to listen to your parents share why you are here.”

We shared but I am pretty certain only the therapist “listened”.

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