Monthly Archives: October 2017

Chasing hope on a circular path.

It will be three weeks on Tuesday that our son has been at Coastal Harbor residential treatment.  He has had no major issues since he began.  He is still managing to follow basic commands and routines.  The big “however” here is that he is again refusing to communicate with us during family therapy sessions.  He knows just how much he needs to do to “get out” of there.  He knows that family therapy effort is not counted as a factor in his release so he chooses not to put effort into them.

He could possibly be discharged in 3 weeks.  I used to get obsessive and perseverate about his discharge dates.  I now know it is pointless.  This circle of madness will continue… PRTF, home with IFI and CBAY services, crisis-hospital,  home, crisis-hospital, refer to PRTF, home, back to PRTF.

I cannot pretend, pray, or hope that anything will change.  Our son’s happy ending will be years from now, if at all.  All we can do is continue walking this circular path with him.  Praying everyday that he does not seriously injure himself or someone else.