Mental Disorder Professional Lingo Explained

DJJ- Department of Juvenile Justice

PRTF-Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility.

Core Services- Basic Mental health services given to children though the DBHDD.

IFI Services- Intensive Family Intervention.

DBHDD-Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities.

CHINS-Child In Need of Services. Can be filed in the juvenile justice department.

LIPT team-Local Interagency Planning Team. All counties in Georgia are required to have a LIPT team to identify children with mental health disorders.

CBAY-Community Based Alternatives for Youth. Two kinds: BIP and MFP. Used as an alternative to residential care with child receiving services in the home. BIP is used for youth who have never been in residential treatment or have been in treatment for less than 3 months.

BIP-Balancing initiative Program. State funded.

MFP-Money Follows the Person. Federally funded.

CME-Care Management Entity. Manages Services given through either BIP or MFP.